Are you a TpTer looking to get all your eggs out of one basket?

This course if for you if:

  • You passionate about selling your teaching resources online
  • You want to diversify your revenue streams
  • You want to repurpose the teaching curriculum you already created
  • You want to grow your existing brand rather than starting from scratch

Imagine the thrill of transforming your existing resources into an additional stream of revenue for your business. It's time to unlock the potential lying inside of the resources you've already created!

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P.O.D. Playbook for Teacher Authors...

  • A self paced, step-by-step course
  • Video lessons enhanced with PDF tools
  • Teaches proven strategies
  • Uses the resources you've already created
  • No printing, shipping, or storing workbooks

Take the guesswork out of growing your new revenue stream & enroll today!

"This course came along at the perfect time! I was looking for ways to diversify my business for 2024, and workbooks were on the top of my list. Krystal made it very simple to understand how to create and upload one with her step-by-step videos. I often spend weeks researching new projects, but I was able to figure this out in two days with her course. I’m so thankful for this resource!"

- April Smith

"Working with Krystal was a total game changer. With the ups and downs of algorithm changes, I've been stressed about having all my income come from one place. With Krystal's streamlined process I was able to turn my resources into workbooks without all the growing pains. Every TpTer should be doing this!"

- Rachel Memeo, Resources from Rachel

"I had just retired as an elementary school principal when I started with Krystal. I was starting from scratch with no online business experience. She met me where I was at and made the process easy! I recommend Krystal to anyone looking to grow their teaching resource business."

- Laurie C., Laurie's Learning Materials

"I found the P.O.D. Playbook Course to be very helpful. I have had a few workbooks on Amazon for a while and had some great takeaways from this course. This course can apply to all levels of learners on the KDP platform. I am glad I signed up!"

- Marcy Fair, Marcy's Mayhem

Here is a look at exactly what's inside the course!

Module One: LEARN

In module one we will focus on finding the intersection between what you have in your TpT store and what people are searching for on Amazon.

Module Two: LIST

In module two we will walk through the process of formatting, uploading, & publishing your workbook.

Module Three: Launch

In Module three, we will focus on a marketing plan to launch your workbook into the world.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have to complete the course?

This purchase gives you access to the material for the lifetime of the course and any updates that come over time.

When does the course start?

This course is self-paced and you are never behind! As a business owner, you know your schedule best and I want this course to work within your time constraints.

What else do I need to purchase?

While it's not required, I do strongly recommend purchasing Publisher Rocket. I use the software throughout the course as it is an integral component of the workbook creation process. You can purchase it here. Other recommended tools are Powerpoint and/or Canva.

What support will I have in this course?

I will be responding to questions inside of the Free FB Group: TpT to P.O.D. Turning Teaching Resources into Profitable Workbooks. If you want additional coaching and accountability after you complete the course, please see the P.O.D. Workbook Lab Group Coaching and Accountability Membership.

Can I get a refund if I'm unhappy with my purchase?

Please review this Agreement and the terms carefully before making your commitment.

You can find our detailed terms here.


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